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Iced Pumpkin Thai Bubble Tea (With Dairy Free and Dye Free Directions)

Iced Pumpkin Thai Bubble Tea (With Dairy Free and Dye Free Directions)

Words Cannot describe the deliciousness that is THIS TEA!! Move over pumpkin spice latte - thai tea with pumpkin + spice added is even better!!

Thai tea introduced to me by Rachel (my awesome assistant and right hand chick for all things blog related) has become one of my favorite things- though I try to be conscious about how much sugar I eat (to keep my hashimotos in remission and immune system working properly) so therefore I don't order thai tea out very often as I know its absolutely loaded with sugar.

I ventured into a big asian grocery store the other day and was delighted to find a box of thai tea! All you have to do it steep it, add as much cream as you want and sweetener- I added some of my favorite nunaturals stevia and voila AHMAZING sugar free thai tea. But then I realized that all thai tea has orange food coloring added to it- ha!

I'm not a purist- sometimes I choose to just live a little and not worry about every little thing. So I'm ok with drinking a little orange food coloring once in awhile- but I know thats not the case for all of you- so I made some thai tea from scratch to share with you- and then because its me- it felt natural to add some pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice- and holy hell things got really good!!

If you aren't into pumpkin, or its not pumpkin season feel free to make the tea without it! Its pretty darn good too.

NOTE: If you don't want to make this tea totally from scratch then skip the first steps and instead buy some thai tea- tea bags from an asian grocery store or amazon and make 6 cups total following the directions on that box. Then all you would need to do is add the pumpkin mixture to it!  Click Here to see (and order if you want it) the thai tea bags that I picked up from the grocery store! 


·      6 cups of water

·      9 bags of Black Tea (Decaf or regular) (Note: you can use just 6 bags if you want- it'll still taste good- I just prefer it nice and strong)

·      5 Whole Cloves

·      6 Whole Star Anise

·      1/4 + 1/8 tsp. Ground Cardamom

·      1 1/2 Tps. Ground Tumeric (Adds no flavor, just some heath benefits and helps make the tea an orange color naturally)

After Straining the tea add:

·      5 tsp. Vanilla Extract

·      1 1/2- 2 Tsp. Liquid Stevia (OR Add honey to taste)

·      IF using stevia add 1/4 tsp. + 1/8 tsp. Salt ( If using honey salt won't be needed)

·      Heavy Cream OR Heavy coconut milk (from a can) to taste.


1.    In a smallish sauce pan with a lid add the water and bring to a gentle simmer. Add the tea bags, cloves, star anise, ground cardamom and turmeric. Cover with lid and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

2.    After the 15-20 minutes remove the tea bags and strain the tea through a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth.

3.    Add the Vanilla Extract, Stevia or honey and then if using the stevia add the salt.

4.    Stir in heavy cream or coconut cream to taste (I used about 1/4 cup)

5.    Place in the fridge to chill. And serve as is OR follow the directions below to add the pumpkin flavor!


Pre-made unsweetened black tea can also be used in this recipe (instead of using tea bags!) Wegmans for example sells big containers. Just place the tea into the pan with the other spices and follow the directions accordingly.

If you want your tea to be super orange- you'll need to add some food coloring. Natural food coloring will do the job. The turmeric and pumpkin do give it a bit of an orange hue- but it won't be as orange as my photo (I did add some natural food coloring)


Take 4 cups of the thai iced tea that you made and put it in the blender! Note, it doesn't have to be totally cooled down!

Add to the blender:

1/2 cup of Pumpkin Puree, 8 ice cubes, 1/4 Tsp of Pumpkin Pie Spice, 1/4 tsp more of stevia (or more honey to taste) and 1/4 tsp more of salt if using the stevia.  Blend!  Then add more cream of coconut milk if you want to J



The bubbles if you have never had them are a chewy tapioca pearl made from cassava!  The bubbles are also known as "BOBA" and can be found in most asian grocery stores and on amazon. For this recipe I used black tea boba. Many brands of boba use a combo of tapioca and cornstarch. I however found on amazon a cleaner package that does not use corn start. CLICK HERE to see that brand on amazon.

To make the boba bubbles follow the directions on the package. After cooking them you typically are supposed to put them in water with sugar. I put mine in a bowl with a little water and some liquid stevia. You could also use a mixture of honey and water. The bubbles typically have no flavor or sweetness on their own- hence this step J

So there you have it.. Homemade Thai Tea, with Pumpkin added with some corn free Black Tea Bubbles!   Don't forget- you can drink the thai tea all on its own. Or even the thai tea with the pumpkin added- the bubbles aren't essential!

Keep this tea in the fridge for up for 1 week and enjoy!

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