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Welcome to my blog. I create and share Allergen Free and Special Diet recipes (Paleo/Keto/Vegerarian and Vegan) to provide delicious options so no one is ever left out! Food is happiness and you’ll find a lot of that here! <3

Gluten Free Patee Brisee. Flaky, Easy to work with Pie Crust. (Dairy/Corn/Soy Free).

Gluten Free Patee Brisee. Flaky, Easy to work with Pie Crust. (Dairy/Corn/Soy Free).

I created this recipe in 2011 😱. Back before I started developing grain free- I started with classic gluten free recipes and I poured my heart and soul into figuring out this recipe. 

Figuring out the magic behind this one- eventually lead to me being brave enough to come up with my ever so popular grain free pillsbury copycat recipe! But this one I must say is EQUALLY on point. It’s extremely flaky. So.. if baking with rice flour is your preference then this recipe is for you!  


There are a few things you should know before beginning the recipe. I need you to forget all that you know about making crust. For the pastry chef's out there.. this Flaky Pie crust does not require chilling, docking and all the other fancy techniques normally involved. This recipe is simple- keep it that way and you will have fantastic results. Using the exact flours that I have called for is key.

* Please note that Sweet Rice flour is different than rice flour. It can be found at most grocery stores. I purchase mine from a local Asian Grocery store. There is labeled as “glutinous rice flour”. Despite its confusing title- it is 100% Gluten Free. Also note- that using brown rice vs. white in the recipe will result in a better golden brown color once baked.

If you are sensitive to corn- Try spectrum's butter flavored Shortening! It works great and will give more flavor than the unflavored shortening. Also, to avoid corn opt for Guar Gum instead of xanthan.

I make this crust in my food processor- you may also make it by hand, though it may need some extra kneading. Usually with butter crusts you have to be careful not to overwork the dough, as you will lose the flakiness. That is not the case with this recipe- it can be heavily worked and still yield gorgeous and delicious flakes. In fact I prefer to overwork it as this makes it easy to transport onto the pie plate. 

Yield: Yields 2 Crust's (Enough to make the top and bottom of 1 pie)


  • 1 ½ Cup Sweet Rice Flour

  • ¾ Cup Brown or White Rice Flour

  • ¼ Cup + 1 TBS Potato Starch

  • 1 Tsp Salt

  • ¼ Tsp Xanthan or Guar Gum

  • 14 TBS (1 ¾ Stick) Earth Balance Butter OR Shortening or Bacon Lard.

  • (at room temp. Butter and Bacon Lard will yeild a more flavorful crust)

  • 2 Large Eggs (Cold or at room temp.)

  • ¼ Cup cold water.

  • Egg Wash: 1 Egg + 1 TBS water whisked together.


  1. Combine all the dry ingredients (Sweet Rice Flour, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Salt and Xanthan Gum.) in the bowl of a food processor.

  2. Add the room temperature butter. Cut in by pulsing the machine until the butter is cut into small pea sized pieces.

  3. Adds Eggs and Water. Process until it becomes thick dough. * Dough should be soft and easy to work with- if needed add up to 1 additional TBS of cold water. (The amount of water will range depending on the brand of flour that you select).

  4. Roll dough out on a sheet of parchment paper topping both the top and bottom with additional Sweet Rice Flour as needed to prevent stick.

  5. Roll the parchment onto itself (like you would cinnamon roll dough) and then unroll into the pie plate.

  6. Brush with Egg wash.

  7. Bake at 375 degrees 25-30 minutes until slightly golden.

Crust can be filled with any filling prior to baking. Or Pre-baked before filling.

* Be sure to roll out and place the dough into the pan promptly after making it. As it sits it will begin to dry out and become hard to work with. Keep dough covered. If dough begins to dry out knead in a little extra water a tsp. at a time.

I have 3 additional pie crust recipes that are fantastic.. all to meet different dietary needs. As mentioned above the Pillsbury copycat recipe is incredibly popular- but all 4 recipes are easy to work with and turn out really nice. You can’t go wrong with any of them. 

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