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Welcome to my blog. I create and share Allergen Free and Special Diet recipes (Paleo/Keto/Vegerarian and Vegan) to provide delicious options so no one is ever left out! Food is happiness and you’ll find a lot of that here! <3

Worlds Best Caramel Coffee Cake (Gluten/Grain/Dairy Free)

Worlds Best Caramel Coffee Cake (Gluten/Grain/Dairy Free)

This Coffee Cake is EPIC! Not only does it not taste grain/gluten free..but I would put it up against  the very best coffee cakes out there and it would shine. The texture is perfection..soft, moist and fluffy! This is a great recipe to bring to any holiday gathering..doesn’t matter what crowd its shared with ..itll be gone before you know it!


Crumb Topping

·      1/2 Cup blanched Almond Flour

·      3 TBS Starch

·      3/4 Cup Brown Sugar or Palm Sugar

·      3 1/2 TBSP Butter, Melted (dairy or nondairy)

·      1 1/2 tsp Cinnamon

Coffee Flavored Caramel (optional)

·      1/4 Cup Butter (dairy or nondairy)

·      1/2 Cup Palm Sugar or Brown Sugar

·      1 TBSP Heavy Cream or Heavy Coconut Milk

·      Pinch of Salt

·      1 TBSP Ground Coffee (optional)

Coffee Cake

·      2 Cups Packed Blanched Almond Flour

·      3/4 Cup Potato Starch

·      3/4 Cup Organic Cane Sugar (or xylitol, truvia baking blend etc)

·      1 tsp Baking Powder

·      1/4 tsp Salt

·      1/3 Cup Melted Coconut Oil

·      2 Large Eggs

·      1 TBSP Vanilla Extract

·      1/4 cup Milk (dairy or nondairy) or Water

·      1 tsp Lemon Juice


1.    Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.    Prepare crumb topping in a bowl, by mixing almond flour, starch, brown sugar, melted butter and cinnamon together. Set aside.

3.    In a saucepan put in Coffee Flavored Caramel ingredients (butter, palm sugar, heavy cream, a pinch of salt and ground coffee). Remember the caramel is OPTIONAL in this recipe! Heat up until caramel boils and then lower heat to low

4.    Meanwhile, in a bowl mix together the dry ingredients for the coffee cake once mixd through add in the melted coconut oil, eggs, Vanilla Extract, Milk and Lemon Juice.

5.    Line a 7 x 7 (or 8 x 9) baking pan with parchment paper and add half the coffee cake batter. Pour in half of the caramel than layer with remaining batter, and pat down with a spatula. If the spatula sticks to the batter spray it with non-stick spray or dip in oil.

6.    Drizzle with remaining caramel.

7.    Top with crump topping.

8.    Place in oven for 50 minutes.


To make Paleo: Use coconut palm sugar in place of sugars used in this recipe!

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