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Welcome to my blog. I create and share Allergen Free and Special Diet recipes (Paleo/Keto/Vegerarian and Vegan) to provide delicious options so no one is ever left out! Food is happiness and you’ll find a lot of that here! <3

Grain Free Cosmic Brownies! (Dairy/Gluten/Soy Free)

Grain Free Cosmic Brownies! (Dairy/Gluten/Soy Free)

This recipe is INSANE! It was one of the first copycat recipes that I posted to Club Angell..and it was made by thousands of people with rave reviews! I WISH I could have brought all the comments over from the old website.

These brownies have never before been posted as a free online I promise you guys are in for a treat! They are dense and fudgy..and PERFECT. I have another photo somewhere that better shows off the texture that Im still trying to track down! Take my word for it though..these are awesome!

If you are looking to make these dairy free- I suggest using earth balance butter and enjoy life chocolate chips!

Cosmic Brownies



·      1 Stick plus 2 TBSP Butter (dairy or nondairy)

·      1-10 oz Package Chocolate Chips, Melted

·      2 tsp Vanilla

·      1 Cup Coconut Palm Sugar

·      2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk

·      1/4 Cup Almond Flour

·      1/4 Cup Tapioca Flour

Chocolate Ganache Frosting

·      3/4 Cup Melted Chocolate Chips

·      1/2 Cup Coconut or Heavy Cream


·      1 Cup M&M's, I used UNREAL candy


1.    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2.    In a mixing bowl combine all ingredients.

3.    Pour batter into a baking pan lined with parchment paper.

4.    Place in oven for 35 minutes.

5.    Check brownies to make sure they are cooked, they should be firm and set. If the batter is still jiggly place back in the oven for a few minutes.

6.    While brownies are cooling make the chocolate ganache frosting.

7.    Melt chocolate chips.

8.    Mix with coconut milk (or heavy cream).

9.    Once completely cooled, frost brownies and sprinkle with m & m's.

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Life Changing Chocolate Chip Cookies. (Gluten/Grain/Egg/Dairy/Nut Free)

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