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You could call Brittany Food Obsessed. There is never a moment in time when she isn't dreaming and scheming  about some new recipe, or how to fix one that's having issues. Most morning she springs out of bed running to the kitchen to conquer some recipe from her dreams the night before.  Even having created and posted over 2,000 original recipes..this obsession with food won't quit.

Brittany's obsession is YOUR benefit. On this site you'll find hundreds upon hundreds of multi-allergen free recipes that are otherwise hard to come by. Everything from Corn Free - Corn Dogs, to fancy breads and donuts.. down to simple meals that are easy to throw together and will still impress your friends and family.

Brittany's foray into the food allergy world began in January 2010 after many months of unsuccessfully solving her health issues through traditional means. Once she took her health into her own hands through education and research, she was lead to several specialists and was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease, accompanied with various food allergies and intolerances.  Through dietary changes she kicked her autoimmune disease straight into remission. (Read how here).  Her ultimate goal remains  to connect, engage and understand the needs of others and to guide them through their journey to health through education, support and recipe development.

As a worldwide leader in food allergen awareness, Brittany is a sought after Author, Speaker and Consultant to corporations and restaurants seeking to capitalize on the expanding gluten and allergen free market.

Brittany has authored two best selling cookbooks :  The Essential Gluten Free Baking Guides and a revolutionary E-book with Grain & Egg Free Breakfast Recipes.  She also launched Club Angell with speciality recipes literally impossible to find elsewhere allergen free!  Her recipes have the fabulous reputation of ALWAYS turning out and taste just as good if not better than the very best recipes using Gluten and all the other common allergen ingredients.